Real Conversations is a current pilot programme we are working on with Jewish and Muslim young people in Leeds.

We are working with Reform Judaism and the Islamic Society of Great Britain on Real Conversations, a pilot programme of workshops with Muslim and Jewish young people running during winter/spring 2018 in Leeds and Bradford.

We are currently recruiting Jewish and Muslim facilitators for the programme.

Real Conversations seeks to improve how British Muslims and Jews see each other.  It will do this by building safe spaces in single-identity (i.e. all Jewish or all Muslim) groups for conversations on potentially divisive topics, such as Israel-Palestine and religious extremism and violence. The aim is not for individuals or groups to agree on narratives, rather to learn to understand each other’s perspectives and to agree on rules of engagement when disagreements occur.

We are seeking to recruit 8-10 Muslim and Jewish facilitators to deliver workshops in 15 locations across the cities.  Facilitators will work in mixed Jewish-Muslim pairs delivering two workshops in each location.  All facilitators will be trained with the skills necessary to engage their own (Jewish or Muslim) faith group and the other (Jewish or Muslim) faith group.

Applications should be made via email to sending in a covering letter and CV by midnight on Sunday 3rd December 2017.

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Since 2005 T4P has supported dialogue processes between Jewish and Muslim people in Leeds.

Whilst initially our focus was on the Israel-Palestine situation, as we gathered people to talk it soon became apparent that most people were more concerned about relationships here in Leeds. Sessions have been hosted on subjects such as identity, diversity, humour, belonging, and (occasionally) specific faith issues, with 35-40 people in all (ages ranging from 16 to 70+) involved, with a core group of 12-15 people.

Real friendships have developed, and with them a high degree of trust.

Over the years, the group have generated a range of initiatives:

  • Learning Journey: A shared ‘learning journey’ to Israel-Palestine by 10 of the group took place in April 2013.
  • Inter-Active: Keith Ackerman and Mahboob Nazir are part of the team of ‘Inter-Active’, a full-fledged inter-faith sports project.
  • Two artists – Imen and Gillian – have collaborated in calligraphy workshops for children and adults.

We are grateful for funding from the Leeds City Council Prevent team for facilitating the early part of the process.