T4P was born in 2002, against the backdrop of the so-called ‘War on Terror’, widespread furore about immigration, inter-community struggles, international justice campaigns… and other light issues!

The original idea was to use creative means to enable a wide range of regular people to connect with these and other ‘big issues’. We have since worked worked with 100s of groups and 10,000s of diverse people across Leeds and beyond…


We co-delivered our first festival: a city-wide series of 30+ events and programmes, hosted in conjunction with 30+ partner groups and organisations, featuring 10,000+ participants. Special mention goes to the inaugural Peace Poetry competition, which has continued annually to this day. It was conceived as a one-off event, but…


We took a bit of a breather, got out in the city and talked with A LOT of different people, and – once we felt sure that people wanted us to continue – started planning for 2005…


We supported and helped coordinate some creative responses from within Leeds to the 7/7 London bombings. (Some of the perpetrators were from Leeds.) And we co-hosted our second city-wide festival, with 60+ events and programmes, 65+ partner groups, and 15,000+ participants. After that, we were summat tired, but…


We started developing a year-round programme of work, including: partnership work with the international Peace Jam youth programme; dialogue sessions around Palestine and Israel; schools projects and exchanges; networking meals; and the first meetings and steps towards a whole series of projects that emerged in…


This was the year we (with partners) launched now-established major projects including the Planet Leeds street festival and the ‘In One City‘ inter-community film programme. We also developed our networking work, particularly around food. And we co-delivered our third and final city-wide festival, with 20 events, dozens of partners, and 10,000+ participants.


We’d planned to have a quieter year – but instead we met 7/7 survivor Gill Hicks and helped coordinate the (huge) Leeds to London WALKTALK project, bringing people together in dozens of cities and towns. And we continued to host networking events and meals (including the famous Eat for Peace meals), supported the development of the Schumacher North environmental gatherings, catalysed the modest Leeds City of Welcome scheme (which later gave birth to the hugely successful Leeds City of Sanctuary movement.


A busy year for us! We became a registered UK charity and re-branded ourselves; started experimenting with Open Space and World Café (for instance, at this communities event in Morley, and in an inter-faith dialogue programme); launched the Leeds Peace Trail; hosted another successful, weekend-long Planet Leeds festival; co-delivered the second (slightly controversial) In One City film, on economic development and community cohesion… and coordinated our first, huge, exhausting Leeds Summat gathering at the end of the year.


We: worked extensively in Gipton (in east Leeds) on a ‘Good Relations’ programme; hosted another (now annual) Planet Leeds festival; coordinated training in Art of Hosting methods (Open Space, World Café, etc); did a third ‘In One City’ film, with young leaders from across the city; held ‘Sue Me!’ at Leeds Light Night; and started sustained Jewish-Muslim dialogue (that continues to this day).


This was a big year, with: ‘In One City’ 4; Planet Leeds again; the ‘Take Part’ community leaders programme; ‘Good Relations’ training; our first major foray into ‘Active Citizens‘, including a trip to Romania; the ‘One Love One Leeds’ event, in partnership with Leeds City of Sanctuary; the ‘Inter-Active‘ team joining us; and the massive second Leeds Summat gathering.


A bit more of a low-key year, with some of the team taking time out – the exception being the huge ‘Active Citizens‘ programme, which this year blossomed to become a major element of our work. Other than that, we continued to coordinate Planet Leeds, we co-hosted the Peace Poetry competition in conjunction with the London Olympics, and we were awarded Partner of the Year by Leeds City Council. Woo.


Active Citizens has continued apace, and we’ve been co-developing the Leeds Poverty Challenge project alongside a fifth ‘In One City’ film on the same theme. We co-hosted a trip to Palestine and Israel for eight local Jewish and Muslim people, we’re looking to remodel Planet Leeds away from the standard street festival towards more year-round work, we’re still involved in the national Peace Jam project (although there won’t be a UK Peace Jam event in 2013), we’re co-hosting a regional Good Relations event, have been hosting some training events… and other things!

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