T4P has since 2002 been developing projects and events that build bridges between people. Our whole work centres upon connecting people and nurturing relationships across and between people from different cultures, communities and life experience.

We’re especially interested in brokering partnerships. (In fact, every single piece of work we’ve ever done has been in partnership with others.) That is, enabling those diverse people and organisations to develop shared ideas and visions – then helping them to catalyse projects that make for positive change.

We believe (and ‘diversity advantage’ theory backs us up here…) that diverse groupings of people are best able to discover creative solutions to complex challenges – because they have a greater range of perspectives and resources to draw upon.

We therefore work from grassroots to government, across the matrix of our richly mixed society*, to co-develop and co-host a range of dialogue, learning, and creative events and programmes.

In addition to the projects and events, we’re also involved in: mentoring individuals and groups; hosting training, learning programmes, international exchanges, and civic mediation.

We’re continually evolving our work so please get in touch to discuss any new ideas or to get involved.

(* Leeds is the most culturally mixed UK city outside of London, which presents amazing opportunities…)


Want to find out more?

  • Our Methods Visit this page to read more about the methods and theories underpinning our work.
  • Protecting Peace Click here to download an essay detailing the history of and big ideas behind our work.