Here at T4P, we use a range of tools and methods for ‘participatory conversations’ – designed to generate cooperative solutions and actions, by harnessing the collective intelligence of diverse people.

To enable a wide range of others to learn and use these ways of working, we occasionally host 2-3 day training events. Many thanks to all who joined the latest such one – the Art of Participation and Engagement, in August 2013 – and together created such a rich experience. Click here to download the ‘harvest’ report from that event.

The basic principles of these methods and practice are:

    • we all innovate best through healthy, interconnected relationships
    • between us, we already have all the wisdom we need, and it is at its best when shared for the greater good
    • ‘self-organisation’ (as opposed to hierarchy etc) produces more energy, creativity and commitment
  • positive change is more likely to take place in the space where chaos meets order
  • leaders are those who create the conditions for inclusive engagement and co-creation

A range of methods are used within these processes, including:

  • world cafe
  • open space technology
  • appreciative inquiry
  • circle practice
  • harvesting

Seems like jargon?! Visit to find out more.