Real Conversations

A project we were approached to deliver

Real Conversations is a partnership project between The Movement for Reform Judaism and the Islamic Society of Britain. It aims to improve the way young British Muslims and Jews perceive each other by enabling conversations on potentially divisive topics in single-identity (i.e. all Muslim or all Jewish) groups. Each group is facilitated by one Muslim and one Jew.

Together for Peace was approached to support the delivery of a pilot programme in Leeds and Bradford during spring 2018. The pilot focused on delivering workshops to Key Stage 4 students and partnered with ten schools across the area. A team of five within T4P supported the administration, training, delivery and evaluation of the pilot.

Unlike interfaith dialogue initiatives, Real Conversations hosts workshops in separate faith groups to provide a sheltered environment in which ‘hot topics’ such as Israel-Palestine and religious extremism and violence can be discussed safely. This enables participants to air their views, and to practise difficult conversations during calmer times, so that when conversations arise in difficult times they are less toxic.