Over the years of working in a number of local communities in Leeds and Bradford we ha’ve developed a sense of what is going on in our cities, albeit a constantly changing one! We continue to seek to listen carefully to what needs there are, and consider ways in which we can contribute specific initiatives in response.

Here are some of the projects and programmes we are currently working on

Brave Spaces for Courageous Conversations

Hosting brave spaces for courageous conversations supports individuals seeking to create safe spaces in which people from diverse perspectives can talk to each other.
We are able to deliver it in a specific setting for a group of people (such as with young leaders from different ethnic and religious backgrounds), or gather individuals from different contexts to learn together. We provided a public three day training in July and October 2019 and are planning more sessions in 2020.

Health Equalities Learning Pilot (HELP)

The ‘Health Equalities Learning Pilot’ has been commissioned by Healthwatch Leeds to explore a new way of learning and engagement around health inequalities in Leeds.

Building on the model of Leeds Poverty Truth Commission, this pilot project will bring a small group residents together with a similar number of health professionals in one of the newly developing Local Care Partnership areas. Over a period of 9 months this group will build relationships, listen deeply to the wisdom and stories in the room, and begin to explore what might be possible to be done differently between them in the area of health and wellbeing.

Evaluations of work with vulnerable young people

T4P has been commissioned to conduct independent evaluations by GIPSIL, a large Third Sector organisation in Leeds, to review & make recommendations on two of their projects with vulnerable young people.

The first project builds on a pilot which was successfully completed and received continuation funding, focusing on young people’s mental health & well-being. The second is a new project supporting looked after young people over a two year period, in their transition from GCSEs through to further education, employment or training.

We’d love to explore ways of working with you

Within T4P we have a variety of skills and experience to offer, including: 

  • hosting, 
  • facilitation, 
  • training, 
  • mediation, 
  • art-based practice, 
  • film-making
  •  and photography journaling,
  •  harvesting learning, 
  • community development, 
  • support for community relations initiatives, 
  • youth activities, 
  • project evaluations, 
  • community research, 
  • ‘critical friendship’ 

As associates, we are particularly keen to pursue opportunities which combine these skills, offering depth and breadth to initiatives through the pooling of our collective strengths and resources.

 If you are interested in exploring how we may be able to work alongside your community or organisation, please contact us at hello@t4p.org.uk.


And we’d love you to get involved in our work- there are many ways you can do so!

You can volunteer your time or resources, as an individual or an organisation. Or you can become a friend of T4P and support our work financially (click here).

Please drop us a line to see what the current volunteering opportunities are. If you have any other questions about supporting T4P, please ask. Thank you so much.