Why and how we do what we do

T4P is all about nurturing rich, positive relationships amongst diverse people, working towards a healthy society where people have positive encounters and deeper understandings of each other.

We learnt from international activist John-Paul Lederach that change in communities comes from ‘critical yeast’, not critical mass: people in communities who have imagined a different future and become change-makers. Creating and maintaining peaceable communities is all about ‘web weaving’: making strategic person-to-person connections. And embracing serendipity and being flexible enough to respond to the unexpected.

Ben Hoffman inspired us with his idea by of ‘peace guerrillas’: small, responsive bodies of people working all across society, from grassroots to government, to develop sustainable processes for change, rooted in relationships. Click here to read more about this.

And we’re inspired and informed by the growing body of writers who are exploring and promoting the concept and practice of inter-culturalism‘. This invites us all to imagine a stronger, more resilient society founded upon inter-connection, collaboration and inter-dependence amongst diverse people.

We use innovative, ‘open source‘ facilitation methods such as Open Space and World Café (summarised here), which seek to maximise participation and share ownership in dialogue and decision-making processes.

Wherever possible we put creativity and play into the heart of all our work: sport, music, arts, food, and more.

See What We Do for more information on what we do.