Here at T4P, we’re committed to getting different people connecting together in creative ways, to learn from one another, to grow in understanding, and to speak out together.

“Society is a conversation scored for many voices” – Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

“Our great challenge for the future is the art of living with difference” – Zygmunt Bauman, sociologist

That’s why we and our friends at Lippy Films – with the support of other partners – have developed the ‘In One City’ film and media programme. Through it, we aim to generate challenging conversations on topical social themes, amongst the many different people of our sometimes segregated city, Leeds. And we very much work with participants, involving them in filming, editing and production – to make the film they want.

Our latest film (our fourth) – exploring how values and beliefs shape social conscience, identity and experience within our communities – went live in November 2011 and is freely available for use by schools, communities, youth groups… and anyone else who wants one! Watch one of the films below or click here for the full playlist.

In previous years, we developed: ‘In One City 1’ (2007-8) with three groups of young adults in Belle Isle / Middleton, Chapeltown, and Lincoln Green; ‘Ripples Out’ (2009), featuring a range of people from Holbeck Urban Village, Holbeck, and Beeston; and ‘In One City: Youth and Migration’ (2010), with 12 young adults from a (very) wide range of backgrounds in the city. Please get in touch to request copies of these films – and there’s a downloadable schools pack available for the third ‘In One City’.